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I'm a full-time Quality Editor for Bleacher Report who also dabbles in NBA writing for BBALLBREAKDOWN, Today's Fastbreak and Hardwood Paroxysm.

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The Sixers’ Offseason Point Guard Options

While Tony Wroten, Isaiah Canaan, Ish Smith or Pierre Jackson are possible backup material, Sam Hinkie and Co. will almost certainly be looking to acquire a prospective full-time floor general, perhaps multiple.

5-on-5: New Year's Resolutions for MCW - Hoop76

1. Assuming J-Rich is back by the end of January, what can we realistically expect from him this season? Eric Goldwein: Unsafe assumption but, veteran leadership and/or a second-round pick. It’s hard to quantify the impact that someone like J-Rich can have on a team like this. Maybe it’s a...

5-on-5: Sleepers, AK-47 and More - Hoop76

1. Who is your sleeper (not top 5) NBA draft prospect? Eric Goldwein: Tyus Jones. The Duke freshman has range, a high bball IQ, and he’s only 6-foot-1. He’s everything the Sixers are not. Wesley Share: D’Angelo Russell. He’s a 6-5 guard who can play both the one and two,...

5-on-5: Aldemir, MCW's Struggles and More - Hoop76

1. The Sixers vs. Kentucky talk is ________. Eric Goldwein: First Take material. Wesley Share: Unbearable. The Sixers would annihilate them, and this is so overdone at this point it doesn’t even validate an explanation. Bryan Toporek: Unfathomably stupid, yet predictable. It was only two years ago that the same...

5-on-5: This Starts When? - Hoop76

1. Are the Sixers going to pursue some bigger names in restricted free agency this summer, or does the JaVale McGee waiving lead you to believe that will come in 2016 or later? Eric Goldwein: They’ll do their due diligence and pursue, and while I don’t anticipate them landing a...

5-on-5: Let's Take This to Temecula - Hoop76

1. Which Sixer would you drive to Temecula fight for? Share: Wroten. Throw any stats you want at me; Tony is the undisputed best. Toporek: Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. (JOKES!) It’s definitely Nerlens. Wouldn’t be surprised if many casual NBA fans are underwhelmed by the big man, given his...

Should the Sixers sign re-sign Ish Smith?

1. Ish Smith: Sign or decline? (Unrestricted free agent) Eric Goldwein: I think Smith could be a solid backup point guard, and if they can get him for cheap (2 yr/$3M), then I’m all for it. But players like him are easy to find. (Case in point: Ish Smith). The...

5-on-5: Sixers Midseason Report Cards - Hoop76

1. Michael Carter-Williams: Eric Goldwein: C. We don’t know how much the shoulder is affecting him. We also don’t know how much the lack of teammates is affecting him. He’s shooting terribly and he’s not taking care of the ball. That’s a concern. What we do know: he’s still (by...