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Bryan Toporek

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I'm a full-time Quality Editor for Bleacher Report who also dabbles in NBA writing for BBALLBREAKDOWN, Today's Fastbreak and Hardwood Paroxysm.

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Andre iguodala nba playoffs golden state warriors cleveland cavaliers1 article

There Was No Wrong Choice for Finals MVP

There were many choices available for NBA Finals MVP. They were all right.

Matthew dellavedova lebron james nba playoffs golden state warriors cleveland cavaliers article

The 2015 NBA Finals and the Burden of Expectations

When Kyrie Irving fractured his left kneecap during overtime of Game 1 against the Warriors, the dynamic of the 2015 NBA Finals irrevocably shifted.

Stephen curry kyrie irving nba cleveland cavaliers golden state warriors article

The 2015 NBA Finals Are A Narrative Feast, No Matter Who Wins

Whichever team emerges victorious in the 2015 NBA Finals will create a ready-made slew of narratives, much to the delight of sports writers nationwide.

Tom thibodeau nba chicago bulls cleveland cavaliers article

Tom Thibodeau Isn't Blameless in Messy Divorce From Chicago Bulls

Before rushing to make Tom Thibodeau into a martyr, remember that he deserves part of the blame for the messy divorce from the Chicago Bulls.

Sam hinkie joel embiid nba boston celtics philadelphia 76ers article

Sixers Go From Process to Potential Powerhouse After 2015 Draft Lottery

The 76ers made out like a bandit at the 2015 draft lottery, and now have their choice between two top-tier floor generals.

Otto porter jr nba playoffs atlanta hawks washington wizards article

Otto Porter's Postseason Breakout Is No Small-Sample-Size Fluke

The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is rarely more applicable than when discussing a young prospect who never gets the opportunity to carve out a spot in his team’s rotation.

Nerlens noel sam hinkie nba philadelphia 76ers press conference article

What's the Sixers' salary cap situation heading into the NBA draft? - Hardwood Paroxysm

What's the Sixers' salary cap situation heading into the NBA draft tonight? Bryan Toporek of the HP Basketball Network's Mid-Level Exceptional explores....